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1.   01/22/12   Has anyone ever heard of a Musicman Sabre Bass with a Gibson V style headstock that says Bad Boy. Thanks
2.   01/19/12   Orig. Owner of: B022708 1983 trans red maple neck topload bridge serial on bridge black PG 4 bolt neck
3.   01/17/12   SR5 serial 52997. looks like ash body. lined fretless. trans blue/teal
4.   01/14/12   I got my Stingray in 1990 in Buenos Aires Argentina. Its serial number is B006879. Thanks to this site I know now that is a 1978. Black pg maple neck could had been repainted in black from original white. Mute pads removed.
5.   01/13/12   For the list :26347 Now Natual. I think thats not original. Hannover Germany
6.   01/11/12   I m about to say goodbye to my SUB Sterling (serial : X12989) :/ Hope to get my hands on a StingRay sometime in the future. . .
7.   01/09/12   Also StingRay HH 4 SLO Special Custom Graphite Pearl Black Perloid Pickguard ebony fretboard. Completed Nov 25th 2009 Serial E72356.
8.   01/09/12   For your list StingRay 5 Black Sparkle Black Perloid pickguard matching headstock & a maple neck. Serial number E18945 completed Nov 15th 2000.
9.   01/08/12   For your info. Pre EB Music Man Sabre Bass black with maple neck. Serial C004795 resides Bournemouth UK
10.   01/05/12   I have owned and loved my 1990 2 Band Stingray for nearly 14 months now. Light blue with string damps etc. Serial 31929. Has pickup changed to the Nordstrand. Great guitar.
11.   01/04/12   2 days ago i bought Musicman Stingray B001301 (natural body black pickguard white pickup). The body was made 01/05/77 and the neck was made 05/12/77. Im very happy to own it!
12.   01/04/12   For the list: 50520 Black birdseye maple neck 5 string. Also 50722 Burgundy Pau Ferro unlined fretless 5 string. Both Yorkshire England.
13.   01/03/12   I own a Stingray 5 in Candy Apple Red with a White Perloid pg and a maple neck. I bought it off eBay in December 2011 previously owned by a Gosple band player. serial E21682
14.   12/22/11   Just Brousing Around.
15.   12/19/11   Please add serial number F25886 Transparent Red Sterling 5 HH with white perloid PG
16.   12/17/11   Please add Pe-EB Sabre C003332 natural maple neck original owner
17.   12/17/11   Please add the s/n C003116 of my MM Sabre Mocha Brown maple neck and black pg (built in 1979) its a second hand and she live now in Rouen- France -
18.   12/16/11   2006 sub bass active white X15348 d p p/g
19.   12/13/11   I would like to submit a couple of my Pre EB MusicMan Basses for your great Site. The First is a SerC005711 Cutlass II natural with Black Pickguard also my ccompleted Sabre which i sent serC004515 neck date in a while back. Also would like to provide ph
20.   12/13/11   Own Sting Ray sunburst w/rosewood fretted neck. B019532. Neck dated FEB 04 1980. Body dated JAN 25 1980. Black pick guard. Headstock logo does not contain circle R or TM. Is that normal? jtcombs@bresnan. net
21.   12/11/11   I now own boo6272 white which is now yellow with maple/maple neck black pickguard
22.   12/06/11   s/n B007398 Black (terrible paint most likely not orig) Black pg. maple neck w/ added hipshot. Bought in Atlanta Ga around 04 bimmermz3@yahoo. com
23.   12/02/11   Have a music man frettless bass serial B014233 want info about year made any value thank you
24.   11/30/11   I have a pre-EB Music Man Sabre Bass serial number C002027. It was owned/used by Conjunto Music Hall of Famer George Orosco El Dueto Carta Blanca de Jorge y Mague. Awesome deep thundering bass.
25.   11/26/11   Hi I am looking for an 79-80 ASH SUNBURST stingray. . . . . would trade against my Inca Silver thanks
26.   11/23/11   it is i mr. dabbi. love de basses
27.   11/14/11   I own a pre-EB Music Man Stingray circa 1979; s/n B016198 Sunburst maple neck black pg. Purchased 2nd-hand (on consignment) from Giulianos Custom Guitar shop in White Plains NY sometime around 1986.
28.   11/14/11   E20763 SR5 Black w. Maple Neck owned by Fritsoo
29.   11/12/11   Add to list and open for offer Sting Ray serial B021858 Red maple neck clear pickguard twerks@aol. com
30.   11/02/11   Please add Pre EB serial C003864 natural black pg. Norway. Great site!
31.   11/01/11   I have a black EB Music Man serial B023463 trying to figure the correct year I just found yer site Awesome thanks!
32.   10/26/11   Previous owner of Pre-EB Sting Ray B008068 would like to contact present owner
33.   10/25/11   For the list: StringRay 5 : E16724 - Black Sparkle with matching headstock maple board ceramic pickup. DOB 8/2/2000.
34.   10/21/11   Hello I￿m Fabi￿and I live in santiago of Chile. I need to know what year it is my bass guitar features and color. Your answer would help me a lot. thanks
35.   10/12/11   Original owner of B010709 purchased at Grasins Music in Hempstead NY 1977.
36.   10/10/11   Love em. . . have six. . . . Ill post s/n and description in a bit. Just bought 39631 trans red maple neck/fretboard oil finished 6-bolt truss rod wheel 3-band BWB pickguard; would like to buy a clear to replace it. . . where do I g
37.   10/10/11   To had. may 12 1992. StingRay 5 Sunburst white pickguard with maple neck. seriel 52891
38.   10/09/11   I found a Music Man Sabre Bass in a chest inside an abandoned storage unit I purchased at auction. Serial B021530 - does anyone know anything about this bass? Im a non-musician and will be selling it but would like to know more about it first.
39.   10/08/11   Serial no. B004373 Tobacco Brown Maple Neck I think 1977 I bought it used in 2006.
40.   10/06/11   I have sunburst Stinray bass BO12023 think its 77. Can anyone confirm?
41.   10/06/11   Add to list Stingray 30th Anniversary E55146. Resides in UK
42.   10/05/11   i have bongo 11025 in red
43.   10/04/11   For the list: Sterling Nr 47873 purchased around 2000 purple. Thank you!
44.   10/03/11   Pleas add: Stingray 20th A01431. Quilted top. Rosewood fingerboard. Fretted. Owner in U. K.
45.   10/03/11   Je suis depuis peu l heureux proprietaire dune MUSICMAN STINGRAY DE 1999 j ai pu faire la dotattion grace a votre site encore bravo et merci
46.   09/30/11   Add to list: F25335 May 2009 E/B Sterling teal white pearloid pickguard maple board
47.   09/30/11   MM I have a limited series how do you send pictures to you? Im from Brazil hugs!
48.   09/29/11   Orig Owner S26618 Aug 6 87 See Thru Teal highly figured birdseye maple neck Was display bass at the 1987 Musik Messe in frankfurt germany. Bass has a custom made P/U made by Pat Bartolini. . . Would like to send a pic. . .
49.   09/28/11   Sorry gave you the wrong DOB: The correct one is 7/27/2010 for B051892. Greets Peter
50.   09/28/11   Encore merci!!!!
51.   09/28/11   Jai achet une STINGRAY 4C depuis peu dont je suis plus que comptant et grace a votre suivi de numero de serie jai pu en deduire quelle est de 1999
52.   09/26/11   Hi for the list: B051892 Mint Green Body Maple Fretboard 2011 (2010?)
53.   09/26/11   I own a wonderful Pre-EB B002298 Natural finish maple neck white pickup & rare white pickgard 12/20/76 body date (Joey & JPQ) 02/02/77 neck date (Away) epoxy pre-amp all original. Thanx. vintage@guitarbroker. com
54.   09/23/11   Please Add. . . . . Ser 26195 Black SR4 Birdseye Maple Neck 2 EQ Original Black PG now Chrome.
55.   09/18/11   For the list: B019418: Left handed natural rosewood kneck through body strings. My main bass for at least 10 years. London England
56.   09/15/11   Congratulations on this fantastic site!!!! Can you tell me where can I find a replacement jack for the 2005 Stingray? Thanks!!
57.   09/15/11   I am the present owner of pre-EB MM StingRay bass from 1977 - serial no B005965. Anyone familiar with its history? email - shayenglishby@eircom. net
58.   09/13/11   Just got another pre EB stingray in my quiver and it is a stunner! Black with white guard 1979 B021056 neck dated Oct 12 1979 body Nov 4 1979 pots 7919 super light and in near mint condition! These are getting hard to come by. . . Thanks for the great
59.   09/09/11   I own B003262 66/67 musicman she is in excellent shape. Would like to post a picture
60.   09/07/11   Got an Ernie Ball & its FUNKI But Wishing for a real MusicMan
61.   09/06/11   Reply to 2010 post below: I used to own Black 1979 Musicman Sabre C003715 with two Gordon Custom MM necks. info@groovecruise. co. uk
62.   09/04/11   Please add to list: Stingray 4 maple neck rosewood board sunburst 3 EQ. Serial E45577 DOB May 12 2005.
63.   09/04/11   For the List: 1992 Stingray 4 purchased 2001 in LV NV. 35784. Black Black PG Rosewood fingerboard 3 band EQ.
64.   09/03/11   I Have Music Man String Bass B011916 Pat No. 403179 But Not Have Series No. On Triangle Plate
65.   09/02/11   Hi I have obtained a 76 Stringray fretless B002005 - what do I have?
66.   09/01/11   for database: MM Sterling piezo bought in 2004 rare lavender color with matching headstock and rosewood fretboard. F02436
67.   09/01/11   UPDATE TO DATABASE: D 06698 Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay 4 Trans Teal Green with flamed maple neck. I believe it to be a 1997. Gotoh snap-in battery cover. Six-Bolt neck. Black pickguard. 2-band eq. Chrome Hardware. Located in the netherland
68.   08/30/11   Hi I just bought a used 4 string EB Stingray with serial number E23466 but I cant find it listed anywhere. Can you help?
69.   08/28/11   Thanks for your site ! For the list - B009820 Black Body Nov 7 1978 Maple neck Nov 17 1978 Circled R Original everything
70.   08/23/11   Hi I tried to e-mail but no luck. Need help w bass serial B002870. Sabre fretless neck w ebony. Natural Stingray body. Supposedly custom order by orig owner. He also had the fretted twin. Factory had fretless Sabre neck lying around maybe?
71.   08/22/11   Help!!! How do you adjust the trust rod of the Sting ray 5 string Dahhh!
72.   08/18/11   For the list: I have a beautiful natural finish 1977 pre-Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray bass Serial B005579 bought in honor of Bernard Edwards and Sades great bassist Paul S. Denman.
73.   08/16/11   Add to list: Purchased in 2001 Sterling 4H Natural with Rosewood neck tortoise shell pg F03886
74.   08/15/11   Add to list: 50634 89? Stingray 5 Cream body maple board.
75.   08/11/11   Add to list: E73578 2009 StingRay 4 HH - Ice Blue metallic. String thru body maple FB
76.   08/09/11   I am trying to find the DOB for B003279 Black SR 4 with Black /Maple epoxy neck. thank you
77.   08/05/11   Got another pre EB in my arsenal! A minty 1982 natural stingray. Now I have 3 and looking for more!1
78.   08/01/11   i am original owner of a mm/eb stingray sunburst/birdseye maple neck and fingerboard white pick guard single custom eb humbucker p/u. . . serial 30370 excelent condition. add to list please. going up for sale today on ebay.
79.   07/29/11   Pre-EB Stingray B002024. Supposedly made on the 1st November 1976? Original MM bridge three screw nack plate string mutes and through body ferrules. Dark tobacco sunburst. Original white sp replaced with a mirror sp. bassatron3000@live. co.
80.   07/29/11   I own a pre-EB Stingray. B002024.
81.   07/28/11   Have Stingray B010571. . . . . Fretless maple neck. . . I was a dealer in the 70s. . . . . . this was a freebie from Leo Fender for evaluating prototypes for a year. Play it all the time. . . what do I have?
82.   07/19/11   Hello I am the original owner of Stingray w/Radio knobs. . B002498 ( purchased in 76)- would love to add a photo to your site please let me know how to submit. tenmark53@aol. com
83.   07/19/11   X08318 11/11/04 SUB 5 Textured Black w/ Diamondplate PG and Passive Electronics & X12932 6/22/05 SUB Sterling Textured Cinnamon (from EBMM less than 100 made in this color) w/ Flat Black PG (changed to White Pearloid)
84.   07/17/11   i have just bought a 30th anniversary lovely bass from about 2006 it was made serial number (B55300) could you add this to your list thanks
85.   07/11/11   I own a B015210 PreEB Stingray assumably from 1979. The colour is somewhat close to light blue / turquoise. As Im not the original owner dunno anything about the history. Somehow it made its way to Finland.
86.   07/11/11   Hello. Do you know if its possible to find a repro Saber Bass headstock logo? ( cant be the only one who needs this)
87.   07/09/11   Add to list: BOO3273 76 - 77 Stingray - sunburst - maple neck w/blk pup & pg all original still sounds great
88.   07/08/11   current owner of LH SR4 L00253 DOB 1997/01/20 by DS natural w/rosewood fb black pg looks factory-fresh its mine til I die
89.   07/07/11   Now I have more information: SR5 Serial 55911 DOB 3/14/95 natural fingerboard rosewood black pickguard
90.   07/07/11   Hello Trying to find a DOB for serial number B022975 thank you for your help. Tobacco sunburst
91.   07/06/11   Stingray5 HH 2007 LE Blue Down Mapple Black Keys and Black Bridge. . . Seriel no. E42404
92.   07/03/11   I own a music man stingray bass. I bought it 1977 or 1978 black body maple neck natural headstock serial number on plate B006574. Im the original owner and is seeking any history on this bass. To this day its the best bass i have got.
93.   07/03/11   Hi mates! Love this page! I own a MMSR5 Single H 55911. Natural finish rosewood fingerboard the lovliest bass I ever had/have.
94.   07/02/11   He. I have a old Music Man Sting Ray Bass. Serial. nr. B003965. What year is that Bass from.
95.   06/26/11   Just want to add my EB MM Sterling 5 bass to your site serial number F21792 HH teal pearl with black pick guard
96.   06/23/11   Hi I have owned a musicman bass for 20 years since the age of 19 B011681 PAT NO: 4031799. Could you tell me what year it was made please I think 1978.
97.   06/22/11   for database XO2752 07/31/2003 Passive black SUB
98.   06/21/11   !978 sabre bass Not sure of the color name factory special order Forest green? Have maple neck fretless ebony neck looking for a fretted ebony neck to finish the collection. . .
99.   06/19/11   STOLEN: Musicman Sterling Serial F06082 please call 803-608-4460
100.   06/19/11   Stingray 4 Blueburst E46733 Maple Neck
101.   06/15/11   Signed By FLEA 2005 Limited Edition Stingray - Cream body with Brown marble pick guard - love it!
102.   06/13/11   I have been collecting parts for my 77 stingray for over fifteen years. It is one of five stingrays that I own including 100th anv. namm. Im down to only needing the bridge any help would be great. loriculus@sbcglobal. net
103.   06/10/11   Stingray B004374 Not sure how to date it exactly. Im the original owner. Eggshell white beuatifully aged.
104.   06/10/11   Classic SR4- B50673 Purchased New 12 Feb. 2011 Tobacco Burst- Birds eye Maple- Blk. P/G- Blk. Pup Thanks
105.   06/09/11   add to list: SR4 E03058 DOB 1998/07/30 ash pearl blue maple white pearl pg 3-bd. EQ and SR5 57079 DOB 1996/06/18 alder trans red black pg. rosewood
106.   06/07/11   proud owner of B007229 natural -love it also have a brand new one not as much oumf!1
107.   06/05/11   I want to add my Sterling 5 HH to your database F22463 Black/black rosewood natural headstock
108.   06/02/11   Hey - Cool site - I have 44331 - Serial stamped on bridge - Black with Black Pickguard and Rosewood neck.
109.   06/02/11   5 cuerdas serie 53394 argentina
110.   06/01/11   I own a Pacific Burst Sterling F27379 maple neck with one pickup. This is the bass with best material and craftsmanship = best sound that Ive ever owned.
111.   06/01/11   Sting Ray 26957 1988 trans blue birdseye MN with rosewood fingerboard transparent pickguard bullet truss rod pre-EB top load bridge with mute. Sting Ray E 46513 2005 Ltd Edition butterscotch w/ matching headstock rosewood fingerboard.
112.   05/30/11   I would like to add one of my Stingrays s/n D07284 on bridge natural ash body with maple neck . PG White 2 band EQ
113.   05/23/11   B025902 early 1982 stingray (all original electronic : 81 pots electrolytics caps no outboard protection resistor) black body & pick rosewood neck 4 bolt neck all original except new frets & neck varnish refinished
114.   05/18/11   B 004460 Inca Silver ad to list
115.   05/18/11   Im owner of a 4string MusicMan Stingray(HoneyBurst) 3 eq from 1994. Serial: 43623
116.   05/08/11   Greetings just acquired a late 76/early 77 Stingray: B002506 natural finish w maple neck. Sounds killer!
117.   05/08/11   . . . the best Bass Guitar that i ever know. . .
118.   04/30/11   B003625 1977 Stingray (refinished - unsure original colour) and B001847 Stingray 1976 (special order white)
119.   04/29/11   I am the original owner of B017695 - stingray natural rosewood nenck no pickgurad
120.   04/28/11   boys Desperately seeking a Music Man Stingray 1976 o 77 sunburst gerlandocallea@email. it
121.   04/26/11   Id like to add this Stingray to your list: S/N E47446 2005 LE Stingray 4H Buttercream Tort P/G Rosewood F/B DOB 6/8/2005
122.   04/25/11   Just for the record I bought my stingray B006064 Feb 1978 and still own it. Its natural w/blk pg maple neck.
123.   04/25/11   I am the original owner of B007120- Stingray walnut maple. I think I had it imported from the states in late 77 early 78
124.   04/25/11   for the database: SR5 HS s/n E61686 black sapphire rosewood neck black pickguard. Dated - 2007 Sept 3. From Russia
125.   04/24/11   I have a Honey Sr4 3eq Maple white pickguard (now clear) SN EO3274. bought around 99 UK think its a 98
126.   04/24/11   I have Cutless 1 SN B022783 Black
127.   04/24/11   I have SR5 Trans. Blue SN. 51952 W/ Birds eye neck
128.   04/23/11   hello Seeking Music Man Sting Ray 1976-77 color sunburst. this is my email. I will pay very well gerlandocallea@email. it
129.   04/12/11   For the database : S/No E42498 - Stingray HH Maple Neck 2007 Ltd Edition Blue Dawn (Original owner)
130.   03/24/11   i am the original onwer of boo2134 cant realy explain how much I love this guitar
131.   03/22/11   for your database: 2008 LE ebony stingray E68495 ( germany )
132.   03/21/11   I recently bought Sabre Bass C004151 triburst maple neck
133.   03/18/11   Hi all i have found a stingray dated may 1980 rosewood neck body is tobacco sunburst ser. Nr. B021356. I dont know if the body is alder or poplar perhaps ? its heavy but i think its not ash. The polepieces are not flus with the plastic PU hou
134.   03/16/11   Hi another one for the serial list StingRay5 Blue Pearl with glossy black pg & knobs Maple fb serial E74898 EBMM says Feb 3rd 2010 Thanks
135.   03/16/11   Hi I have my pre EB natural ray listed in your serial number section but the last 2 digits are XXs? Its B025330 Natural White pg Black pickup cover Body date stamp and hand written as 24th Nov 1982. Neck has no date but signed one clearly sng Thanks.
136.   03/12/11   I have a MM SABRE (1979 - 1984) and I cant find a tool small enough to adjust the bridge. Do you know what tool to use?
137.   03/08/11   For the database I have a MusicMan Sterling Natural finish maple neck black pg 5 bolt recessed neckplate dated 6th June 1996 on bass pot . Serial B03442 on bridge. Beautiful bass to play still my prime bass over Fender and Gibson
138.   03/04/11   i am the orig. owner of B008254-sting ray choc. brown blk pick grd.
139.   02/27/11   Would you please add the Sterling pup and preamp info to your site? Also I have an SUB4 X00003 White. Passive. 2003.
140.   02/25/11   F 13392 White Rosewood Black PEarl pg
141.   02/25/11   29043 Sr5 Black Maple Black pg
142.   02/24/11   For the database: B023300 natural finish maple neck black pickguard. Dated May 5th 1983. Serial on bridge
143.   02/23/11   B001008 I will give it to a favorite musician in a few days.
144.   02/22/11   for the database: SR4 1978 s/n B010906 on bridge-Sunburst body maple neck 3 bolt neckplate black pickguard.
145.   02/20/11   Stingray 4 string fretless B002656 neck Dec 1976 signed Andy body June 1976. Now with ebony fingerboard
146.   02/18/11   just bought a 1979 musicman sabre bass serial coo1699 tobacco burst black pg original tear drop case in good shape original mutes but dried out i m glad i bought it love it thanks
147.   02/16/11   For the SR5 database: S/N: 52102. Ernie Ball rep stated bass was completed on 5-13-92. Natural ash body birds eye maple neck / headstock rosewood fingerboard tortoise shell pick guard. Purchased used 10-15-98
148.   02/15/11   Add to database - B004681 - Beautiful sunburst with maple neck
149.   02/13/11   Hello - Im looking for either a 76 Stingray or 80s Cutlass. Please email me if you have one for sale coco6759@gmail. com thanks
150.   02/12/11   B025674 Sting Ray. Body & neck date: 1/20/1983. Orange Burst Curly Maple with clear pickguard. One-piece Maple neck/board with skunk stripe. Top load bridge with mute assembly. Four-bolt neck plate with Made in USA Weight: 9. 6lbs. Original c
151.   02/09/11   For the database: E55514 MusicMan Stingray 30th anniversary thanks :)
152.   02/06/11   for the database. stingray bass EO1757 cherry s/burst r/wood f/b. 3 EQ awesome. Glynne Jones Wales
153.   02/02/11   for the database have S. U. B serial number X04689 teal not active
154.   02/02/11   B 023457. guessing its 85. lt mid orange to darker outer orange. clear pickguard
155.   02/01/11   For the database: 36393 SR4 black body black pickguard maple neck dated December 8 1992
156.   01/31/11   For Stingray database: B015738 bought second hand ca. 1991; natural body 3 bolt neckplate strings through body serial number and Music Man on bridgetail encircled R on headstock; not original: black pickguard and ebony fretboard (on maple neck)
157.   01/30/11   Brilliant website thanks from Auckland NZ. For the data base: B012764 1979. Walnut with Maple. Black pg. Serial on bridge.
158.   01/28/11   database: C004516 is in Sweden. Dad part of a famous Scandinavian band passed away some months ago and played it uptil a year ago. Original case too I think. What shall I do with it? Anyone knows the value?
159.   01/24/11   Have a natural w/ maple neck B022948 bought new in 1982 in Little Rock Ar k. at jackson music store
160.   01/24/11   Sabre C004060 sunburst maple black pg and pups. circa 80s
161.   01/24/11   hello I own an ernie ball sabre of 1983 Im trying to get the schematic for the assembly of the switch 5 position because it is not properly wired and I do not use the full potential of this superb bass thank you in advance vince
162.   01/21/11   I believe I have a 1978 musicman Sabre maple neck fretless bass. Where do I find the serial number?
163.   01/21/11   One more for the list B006613 White body maple neck black pickguard
164.   01/16/11   For the database: B002276 is natur with maple neck encirlcled R on headstock logo black PG white PUP pots xxx7733 neck dated -77 preamp gen. 2 - type 1
165.   01/14/11   I have a sabre bass S/N . COO5564. ( What year was it born ? ). Anybody help ?. Its kinda tired & the neck cant be trusted in a Live performance. But its still my baby Is it worth paying a luthier to fix it (or do a Pete Townsend at the next
166.   01/11/11   B002885 natural body maple neck 3 bolt neck plate orig owner bought Dothan Al @ Metro Music late 70s. . anyone know the date of birth???76or77 hphughesrn@gmail. com
167.   01/11/11   For the Sabre database: C004026 Sunburst body maple neck black pickguard exposed pole pieces toggle p/u switch. dated 1979 perfect condition still regularly used and plays like a dream!
168.   01/07/11   Sterling 5 purchased new August 19 2008. Ash body with black cherry burst finish and maple neck serial F19470
169.   01/07/11   For Database: Music Man Bongo5 serial number F08916 Lava Pearl HH with Rosewood fretboard. It was completed on January 25th 2006. From Belarus Minsk.
170.   01/03/11   for the database: 26905 honeyburst body rosewood neck transparent pickguard dated march 3 1989
171.   12/30/10   For the Stingray database: B002382 Sunburst body maple neck black pickguard. Dated 1977.
172.   12/29/10   Are there any pre-fire photos available of Tony Levins 3-string? In the mid-90s Bass Player featured it on the cover and a great shot of TL on a Harley.
173.   12/28/10   Just added an all original black 78 stingray. . . Wild thing is neck is dated March 16 1978. . . . MY BIRTHDAY!!! How cool is that!
174.   12/20/10   SR5 59432 Black Maple Neck black pickguard
175.   12/19/10   Hi friends again . . . For the database my another bass: Music Man StingRay 5 Electric Pace Car Blue serial number E70835. Thanks!
176.   12/19/10   Hi friends! For the database: Music Man Bongo 6 Dargie Delight II serial number F11265. Congratulations for the website!
177.   12/18/10   Hi I would like to register my EBMM SR5 Ash body natural neck birds eye maple rosewood fretboard in your database serial number 52379. 1991. Alive and well in the UK. Many thanks.
178.   12/15/10   where can I buy original bridegs musicman? you can info to andrayo@gmail. com
179.   12/13/10   I would like to register both of my single pickup sterling basses to your database - F19389 pacific blue burst fretless lined special order made from 12/2007-2/2008 & F04490 cherry sparkleburst with matching painted headstock unsure of when it was made
180.   12/02/10   i am the proud owner of a pre EB ray Natural with maple neck serial no. B008669 can you please date this for me i would also like to put it on your website once dated etc. . . many thanks.
181.   11/21/10   I am original owner of a Stingray ser B003310 not sure of year but I think its 76 or 77
182.   11/13/10   Hi I just bought a used 1996 Stingray 4 in Singapore. 49215. Honeyburst Maple fretboard White pickguard Flea bridge or trans bridge. 3 band EQ
183.   11/10/10   Add B005845 to the list. Vintage Sunburst birdseye mapleneck black pg and pup. . the ultimate bass!
184.   11/09/10   I have a 1977 Stingray and need a pre amp board. Can anyone offer me the a contact to buy one. thanks. Shane from New Zealand.
185.   11/08/10   Present owner of EBMM SUB X07478. Red original everything. DOB is 7/8/04. DOES say Bass under SUB. Active 4 string.
186.   11/06/10   MM SR4 E20721 Natural maple fret board black pickguard 3-band EQ
187.   11/03/10   More info on B005706: Body brown (Aug 11 1977) neck maple (Aug 8 1977) black PUP and pickguard.
188.   10/31/10   Hi would like to register my SR5 in your data base E63046 White body white pickguard maple neck and headstock. its rocking in England. Thanks
189.   10/24/10   2004 Bongo five string Saphire Black dual humbucker with piezo. Serial number F10864
190.   10/24/10   I have a Sabre (sunburst) sn C004293. Had the neck off 20 years ago and I think it had 1972 on it. I bought it in the early 80s used. Original owner was about to trade it in on an Alembic at a local music store in Tampa FL when I intercepted it.
191.   10/23/10   I would like to post pix of my SABRE85 & STINGRAY99. . what I need to do?
192.   10/21/10   Im from Brazil and would like to know how to send a photo of my bass to publish on the site?
193.   10/20/10   Owner of E14807 honeyburst w/rosewood white/pup/guard bought it 9/00
194.   10/18/10   I have a Sabre bass COO4419 and would love to know more about it. Im not even sure what year it is any help would be appreciated. You can email me at mtbodeen@yahoo. com
195.   10/18/10   hola me siento super comodo con mi stingray 5 hh pero la pintura de la cabeza se despego esto parece ser por falta de pegado me gustaria mandarles unas fotos sobre lo sucedidido. . muchas gracias fue una compra exitosa pero ya mi bajo se ve un poco m
196.   10/17/10   Owner of a 78 Sting Ray B007039 - White w/Black pick guard maple neck strings thru the body. Playing this bass is like wearing your favorite broken in slippers.
197.   10/17/10   Add my Bongo bass to the list please MM Bongo-4 2008 limited Editions/n21874. Dual Humbucker Pickup Configuration Sequoia Gold Finish Rosewood Fretboard Gold Hardware Limited 2008 Mother of Pearl Inlay On 12th Fret Custom Lizardback Case.
198.   10/15/10   Is this an original MM Stingray serailnumber B027399 built in1988 ?
199.   10/05/10   I have what looks like a Sabre II but has a Stingray neck. Have owned it for 21yrs. Someone told me that it may be a Sabre II prototype. Hence the Stingray neck. . . ? Serial C001527
200.   10/03/10   It took 32 years buti finally bought my 1st musicman bass I bought a 79 musicman stingray. I was in the 10th grade in 79 and i wanted a maple stringray. my son is in the 10th grade and he wants a musicman of his own. getting him the classic
201.   10/02/10   I am the owner of Pre EB Cutlass I B022799 Black w/graphite neck
202.   09/29/10   For Database: I am a proud original owner of 50354 stingray SR5 natural body black pickgard maple. I still love playing with this beautifil instrument Eggenwil Switzerland
203.   09/27/10   I have a 4 string Stingray serial number E47921. Sunburst rosewood neck 3EQ. Awesome site!
204.   09/26/10   Original owner of B002830. Sunburst 3-bolt with maple neck. Purchased summer 1978 in Greenville MS. I still have this bass and play it regularly.
205.   09/22/10   I have a Sterling great condition stripped to clean Serial No 39475 Body stamped 20 Dec93 Neck AB 1-13-93 Black with Maple neck
206.   09/22/10   Hi I recently purchased a 79 White MN SR with B01267x (neck/body dates as in the serial no data-base). Like to contact previous owners
207.   09/20/10   For Database: E64408 DOB 14 JAN 2008 black SR4 black PG piezo bridge plain headstock rosewood FB. Bought as used from a GC in Ohio and shipped to NY.
208.   09/16/10   Please add to list: Big Al 4 SSS F24885 - White with Tortoise pickguard Alder body rosewood fretboard natural headstock DOB 4/29/2009
209.   09/16/10   Hi can you please tell me witch year the Pre ernie ball stingray bass starts to be made? All the best
210.   09/15/10   Hi!!! MM Sterling s/n F12020 DOB oct 5 2004 transparent red rosewood neck. Ukraine!!!
211.   09/11/10   I am the owner of Stingray E66807 build date 09/02/08:)
212.   09/09/10   esse site de voc￿￿implesmente fantastico.
213.   09/04/10   I cant find my serial number in your base help me! My bass Sub Sterling serial x15472! mail maxim. neljubov@mail ru
214.   09/01/10   I have a Musicman Sabre maple/maple neck white body serial C003863
215.   08/30/10   Hello i`m G￿from germany and i own two stingray 5`s that i love. The serialnumbers are E 67970 and E73688.
216.   08/29/10   E36736 trans orange 2 band 2003. hey!
217.   08/24/10   add to s/n index preEB stingray 1979 s/n B013342 Natural body naple neck black pug bob in california. im the original owner includeds the MM strap cord and original sticker.
218.   08/24/10   Please add to list: I have a Sabre C0006142- 1979 neck/ 1980 body Natural w/ Maple Teardrop case
219.   08/21/10   Can you help me find bridge saddles for 78 sabreII guitar(not bass)
220.   08/20/10   hey I own a Sub bass 4 string . Code:X08048 blue body the pickguard is made to look like a steel plate and has active pick ups im not sure of when it was made because i got it second hand but you can add it to your list anyway :D.
221.   08/17/10   Looking for Pre-EB string saddles. .
223.   08/15/10   You Rule! So glad this site is alive!! -James Simonson
224.   08/12/10   Looking to trade a Stingray neck for a Sabre neck: I have an absolutely stunning birdseye Stingray neck year unknown and need a Sabre neck instead. Looking to do some kind of trade. My neck needs frets as the old ones were pulled. No wear.
225.   08/12/10   CATALOGUE REQUEST
226.   08/12/10   28381 1989 Original Sunburst/Honeyburst 2 Band EQ 4 bolt neck Nottingham UK
227.   08/07/10   Hello! I have Musciman Cutlass propably 1980 (not sure) natural finish black pickguard serial: B023151
228.   08/07/10   Hello!Im an Italian happy owner of a StingRay 4 Double Humbucker Vintage sunburst rosewood fterboard how to upload a pic?Thanks
229.   08/06/10   Music Man Sting Ray Bass s/n B002761 I hv pix thnx
230.   08/06/10   For serial register I have 1996 20th Anniv SR A01739 quilted maple top lined fretless Pau Ferro fingerboard. In Florida USA. Cheers Steve
231.   08/04/10   I have a late 1998 stingray 5. Where can I download an original manual that would explain the functions
233.   08/01/10   Just found site. Add to serial number list I have pre EB Stingray serial number B013185 white maple neck black pick guard. Bought new in 1978 or 79 from music store in Sea Girt NJ.
234.   08/01/10   Agur my stingray black body black pickguard rosewod neck 3 E. Q. with serial number E31295 is made in June 2002. So clean so strong so perfect. Thanks.
235.   07/26/10   perfect
237.   07/25/10   Database update; I own a 1979 pre EB Sabre bass sunburst body black pickguard and maple neck. Neck dated Oct 4 1979 and the body is sept 17 1979.
238.   07/24/10   1984 Stingray BO15918 Black body with white plate. Maple neck. I bought it brand new in 1984. 800. 00 dollars. Cream color case witha orange interior. I would imagine it was one of the last original line from the original Musicman before Ernie Ba
239.   07/23/10   ref Stingray Bass B008133. I bought this bass 2nd hand from Reidys in Blackburn lancs in Summer 1978 (for￿285!!). I sold it to a guy from Chorley(?) Lancs in early 84 fool that I was then. Hope its still going strong.
240.   07/23/10   Original owner of pre EB Stingray bass B008133 would like to contact present owner
241.   07/22/10   Music man SUB Bass jan 2004 4 string active 2band EQ rosewood neck teal
242.   07/21/10   Gavin please tell me (once again) what was the last year for the Ray 5 to have alnico magnets? (What year did they go ceramic? Thanks Chuck Webb Columbus Ohio USA
243.   07/20/10   Hello I have a new Hot Rod Red Stingray 4 SLO Special serial E72402. I purchased it from Guitar Center on June 17 2010
244.   07/17/10   Sub sterling white with diamond plate scratch plate 3 band active x11877
245.   07/16/10   SR4 transred white PG all maple gunoil neck E 01751 absolutely gorgeous bass. (though am still mouring the stupid sale of my beloved first real bass - 88 glossy clearcoat all maple glossy neck black PG SR4 -sigh- )
246.   07/16/10   Hya was stupid enough to sell my 88 clear and maple SR4 2 years ago . . but am pleased to say i have a Ray back in the collection.
247.   07/15/10   MM Stingray purchased used sometime in the late 80s. B023628 black pre-EB bridge. . . exact year unknown
248.   07/13/10   I just got EBMM 1989 Stngray5 trans-red from my friend it is Maple neck Rosewood finger board. I like to know whats wood body made for this one. It is great if I can get instruction manual for it.
249.   07/13/10   I have an sr5 s 53133 maple neck red-brown clear sunburst body white scratchplate with single pickup. Purchased about 1995 from Bassplayer in Sydney.
250.   07/08/10   Just purchased SR5 2001 E25469 Trans Red with Maple board black pickguard
251.   07/01/10   I am the original and only owner of Sabre Bass Ser. 5376 a white Sabre with rosewood fb. The pre-boost diode & resistors replaced in 1983 all else is original.
252.   06/27/10   Hi I have B010723 natural body Maple neck. I am Japanese 44years old. I bought that in musick instruments store in 1982.
253.   06/22/10   I￿m looking for an unlined fretless SUB from Music Man (4-string). Would pay fair price and shipping to Germany. Thank You for any information: andikilb@aol. com
254.   06/19/10   Black 1979 Musicman Sabre C003715 with two Gordon Custom MM necks. One fretted and one fretless. Both have matching black headstocks with gold lettering. Neck dates 1983. Nothing on the web so any backgroung info much appreciated. Thanks.
255.   06/17/10   Hi I just got a 77 Stingray :-). Some parts from the former muting-mechanism are missing. I would like to bring it up to its original specs. Does anyone know where I could get those missing clamps and mute-screws? Best regards Dietmar
256.   06/17/10   My 78 Stingray has lost its body to a housefire! Can anyone supply very accurate reference for my lutier to make me a new one?
257.   06/17/10   E34478 2002. Original sunburst matching headstock. Black pg. 3 band EQ. All original
258.   06/03/10   It is a great side. . . much fun to see these brilliant bassguitars. I own a stingray No. B016302 natural finish with rosewood neck dated jan. 1979 body dated 21. Dez. 1978. Greetings from germany. AK
259.   06/02/10   How were your list of serial numbers obtained if I may asked? Why are many not listed if they came straight from the manufacturers log? I own a 76 77 and a 79 Sting Ray.
260.   06/01/10   I own a SR5 serial no 50310 peach ( same as Tony Levin ) rosewood
261.   05/28/10   E66095 Stingray5 blue pearl white pearloid pickguard white pick-up maple neck
262.   05/26/10   I own a pre-EB vintage sunburst stingray bass with serial number B007523. Trying to track its history
263.   05/25/10   I love all the great info on this site! Ive been a proud owner of a 1979 Sabre [C001967] since 1990.
264.   05/24/10   For Database: I own the pre EB sabre serial C0003022. it is indeed dark brown with blk pickgard maple neck. Still in its original conditions. Missing mute pads from bridge. I believe its a 79 however Im not sure. If you guys need pics let me
265.   05/23/10   E27878 Trans teal 4 string Black p/g 3 band Maple f/b 2002?
266.   05/23/10   pre eb B025330 is a natural/white pickguard/maple fingerboard Stamped Nov 24 1982
267.   05/20/10   Thanks for this site! Now I can repair my Stingray with reliable infos. My bass SN is 28477 (1989) red with transparent pickgard.
268.   05/15/10   B005166 Black Sting Ray Neck Date August 11. 1977
269.   05/12/10   I have a MM bass with serial number B0001099-its sunburst with a white pkg maple neck and knurled knobs. the lacquer looks a bit worn tho. fancy a pic?
270.   05/08/10   B023347 EB Stingray Red with Maple clear pg. 3EQ. Trans Logo headstock with bullet truss nut 4 bolt neck no made in USA on plate hollow saddles missing string mutes.
271.   05/07/10   I purchased a used Sabre Base back in 1989 Still a great bass serial B023608. Dark blue body w/maple neck soap bar pick-ups - active (dark covers) w/clear pick guard 5-way selector VTB pots. Can someone help with year of neck and body thanks.
272.   05/01/10   I own a 77 fretted Stingray and a 79 fretless Stingray. Both natural body one maple neck one rosewood. Interested in pictures? Send me an email
273.   04/27/10   Hola amigos son los mejores bajos del mundo
274.   04/25/10   I have a Sterling with piezo a SR5 and a Bongo love the Musicman basses
275.   04/18/10   For database : SR5 - 53559 Natural w/ white pick guard maple neck. (Norway)
276.   04/16/10   I have a stingray all maple B0033xx.
277.   04/14/10   Still hanging on to my maple body w/ black pg & maple neck Stingray (SN B007026) which I purchased in Naugatuck CT in 1977. All original (except strings of course). 3-bolt neck plate. Still sounds great!
278.   04/13/10   I own pre-eb Stingray serial no. B011835
279.   04/10/10   nothing funks like a 79 stingray wish i knew what the color is- a chocolate brown
280.   04/09/10   Hi I just wanted to post my SR5; E46105; honey burst rosewood; H
281.   04/08/10   for data base: 1996 stingray curly maple RW neck germany A 01369
282.   04/07/10   I have a Sting Ray B008762 Frets have been shaved off. Bought it at Chelsea Guitars in NY in 1990. I guess its a 1978. I always loved the bass. Didnt realize it was such a collectors item.
283.   04/05/10   Owner of E43440. SR5 in cherryburst rosewood neck. Sweet sweet music. . . . in me and my neighbourhoods ears.
284.   04/05/10   i have StingRay 1991 Serial number: 33725 My best bass
285.   04/04/10   I play Stingray EX(white colour). I love it!
286.   04/03/10   for database: EB Musicman Stingray SN: E39601 cherryburst finish with black pickguard maple neck matching headstock 3 band EQ date on neck 2004/March/06
287.   03/29/10   1978 Stingray 3TSB White Pickguard Rosewood neck. 3 bolt neck. Body dated Nov. 1978 Neck dated May 1980. B009610
288.   03/27/10   proud owner Stingray 4H and Sterling 4H
289.   03/19/10   For database B007878 Black (whats left) 3 pot muted bridge swapped for an 1880 Harmonium
290.   03/19/10   I have SUB 5 BASS I like this guitar !!!!!!!!
291.   03/18/10   bom dia! sou brasileiro e uso um baixo musicman 4 eu particularmente acho o melhor baixo do mundo um som e desenho classico unico sou f mesmo. . .
292.   03/17/10   I have a Pre Ernie Ball Musicman Sabre. Serial number: C005370. Black finish and black pickguard. Maple neck and fingerboard. Neck: July 11 1979. Body: October 16 1979.
293.   03/17/10   Update and correction to data base 1978 Mint Stingray B007843 Nat/maple with black pickguard
294.   03/14/10   would like contact info interested in Musicman purchase
295.   03/12/10   data bas 1978 stingray B007843 Natural white guard maple neck black cover neck pocket dated August 16 1978
296.   03/12/10   Stoked owner of a 1978 MM Ray natural and near mint! Add this sweetheart mate B007843 78 Natural/maple bought from original ownernow residing in NC in my guarded casa!
297.   03/11/10   04577!!!!! Who can help me please?!
298.   03/05/10   B015423 Stingray natural body maple neck body date 29 3 79 neck date 17 5 79 volume pot 7918 treble pot 7919 bass pot 7918 chip lm4250cn non epoxy coated three bolt neck.
299.   03/05/10   My STINGRAY Ser. n￿ E28505 Translucent Pruple 3 EQ With Maple Neck. My best bass
300.   03/04/10   for data bass: I bought B005646 natural w/ maple neck August 77 still own it.
301.   03/01/10   A stingray for the database. serial 33579 7-23-91(from scott ball) translucent blue burst 3 band eq. maple neck
302.   02/28/10   My STERLING Ser. N￿ B04441 is a Special Purple Edition from late 1996. Rosewood Neck. White Pearl PG.
303.   02/27/10   Stingray Tobacco Sunburst. . Ser B021272. . Dundee Scotland. . . not sure of year. . . any thoughts. . ? Tis a thing of beauty
304.   02/23/10   Hello i have two sabre basses c004127 and c003723. does anyone know how old they are? What are the prices for such a bass? One of them has a Problem. when its not aktiv its sound like jimmy hendrix guitar. the sound has a complett destorsion. tha
305.   02/22/10   purchased stingray ser. B007917 @ GC in Hollywood 2007. 08-11-1977 neck with encircled 1 09-09-1977 body walnut with maple black pg and pup
306.   02/20/10   I would like to share some of my photos / how do i need to do this?
307.   02/20/10   for database sterling maybe 1994built sunburst blackpg flea bridge mapleneck(birdseyemaple) bought in 2004 as second owner 42432
308.   02/20/10   I have a Sting Ray Bass serial no. B022706 natural with maple neck . Based on similar serial numbers it would place the instrument around 1983.
309.   02/16/10   B005622. Bought new in 1986 Sunburst
310.   02/16/10   SR5 SN 50154 trans red MOP PG WPUP maple/rosewood
311.   02/15/10   Update for SR5 50913 Natural Black PG Blank Neck Plate 3 Rs on logo (EB MM SR)
312.   02/13/10   Hey Gav got a correction for you. My 30th stingray is Ser is listed as E55096 april 26. It should be E35096. Thanks sloshep
313.   02/10/10   for database: SR5 bought new in 2007 pearl blue white pg maple neck. E50590
314.   02/08/10   Just purchased 50593 1989 SR5 Natural w/ rosewood fingerboard
315.   02/04/10   for database BOO1472 1976 natural/black guard/maple neck bought in 1980 from bassist for Max Merrit. Great bass
316.   02/02/10   for database B005601 1977 sunburst w/maple neck bought in late 80s in Tokyo as second owner.
317.   01/31/10   B0021250 black with maple neck is in London. 79 pots but no date on the base of the neck. Black paint over neck pocket hiding body date. Transfer etc point to 1980 original owner believes he bought it in 79. Its in beautiful condition
318.   01/31/10   for database I have an white Cutlass1 bought new in 1984 serial is: BO21614
319.   01/23/10   I have acquired Sabre C001861. Sunburst / Maple
320.   01/22/10   Ernie was a great musician visionary & human being. Sterling keep up the spirit!
321.   01/18/10   Im the proud owner of s/n E47350. SR5 H black on black pg maple neck. Funny thing I noiticed is UNDER the paint below the neck plate it says limited Edition 2005? I wonder why?
322.   01/17/10   Update to database: Sterling s/n 40604. 28 April 1994. Honeyburst with black pickguard Flea bridge and maple neck.
323.   01/13/10   i have boo5613 for sale call 845-399-8698
324.   01/12/10   for database: B003230 black pg on black w/maple neck bought new Nov. 1977 in Atlanta Ga
325.   01/09/10   update to database: 1998 SR5 sn E00040 Trans Teal rosewood neck black pickguard and knobs
326.   01/09/10   MusicMan 25th Anniversary HSS sn F26155 born 9/09 Quilted top Rosewood board.
327.   01/09/10   can anyone tell me what the switches are supposed to do on my early MM Sabre bass? trousdale@btinternet. com
328.   01/08/10   Hi Im from Italy. Update to database: Stingray HS natural neck-fingerboard maple serial number E67416
329.   01/08/10   I have a SR5. 59894. Its Vintage Sunburst body Birdseye Maple neck/headstock 6 bolt rosewood fretboard black pickguard 3 band eq. I am the original owner.
330.   01/06/10   Bongo 5 HS - Cabernet Pearl Finish with Vintage White Pearloid Pickguard - Serial Number: F25531
331.   01/04/10   B005066-for databass-sting ray silver(aged to green!) maple neck
332.   01/02/10   The date on the neck of C006183 is April 30 1980
333.   01/02/10   Big Al White Pearl Matching Headstock Serial Number f25450
334.   01/02/10   SN 28046 1989 3EQ Stingray Sunburst birds eye maple neck and fret board white pickguard
335.   01/02/10   here are 2 entries for the database: 1) Bongo 4HH Stealth Black sold new on 2/25/07 from bass cental SN F13516; 25th Anniversary 4HSS Flame with Rosewood Neck sold new from Debaldo Music 5/4/09 SN F22761. Please add my e-mail. Thx. . . Bill
336.   01/01/10   Got an update to your database. E14223 BLACK SPARKLE WITH MATCHING HEADSTOCK
337.   12/30/09   serial number F12140 - Black 3 string Double H pickups with blue/gray mother of pearl pickguard
338.   12/30/09   update to data base: sn 020637 1979 stingray natural w/maple neck 3 bolt neck
339.   12/29/09   for database: 2004 SR5 E39401 Copperhead bronze as your site says less than 30 made. Just rescued from an oceanside pawn shop.
340.   12/23/09   Hi i own a MM SR SrNo B005524 brown (Walnut?) maple neck black pg 3 screws neck holding. Send a mail if you want pictures and give a contact mail adress. regards devo/germany
341.   12/21/09   Hi there! I am from Germany. I found a MM StingRay (E34526) on a picture with a neck plate where is an engraved line around the name Ernie Ball Music Man. I could not find this version on this site. . has someone else seen this kind of neck plate b
342.   12/18/09   B007623 original brown body maple neck still gigged regularly although it now looks a bit like Rorys strat!!
343.   12/15/09   DATABASE UPDATE - Serial B050505 a Fiesta Red Sting Ray 4 H Classic born on 10/26/09. It has a matching headstock and a stunning Birdseye Neck and Fingerboard. It has a string through body with mutes and a 2 band EQ and a White PUP Guard and cover.
344.   12/15/09   UPDATE to Database. . . Stingray 4 H with Serial E11896 is a Fire Engine Red Finish with a Birdseye Maple Neck and Birdseye Maple Fingerboard with a 2 Band EQ the build date is 1/18/00
345.   12/15/09   UPDATE TO DATABASE: D 06638 Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay 4 Trans Green (not teal) with flamed maple neck. I believe it to be a 1997. Gotoh snap-in battery cover. Six-Bolt neck. Black pickguard. 3-band eq. Chrome Hardware.
346.   12/15/09   for data base s/n B025819 sunburst w/ maple neck dated 1/10/83 initaled mj
347.   12/14/09   Serial no B012751 Pre Ernie Ball Black with Maple 3 bolt neck Think it is a 1979 model I have had it since the early 1980s could someone verify the year ? Paul from UK thanks
348.   12/06/09   UPDATE TO DATABASE: B021384. StingRay 4 no neck or body dates - s/n on pots: R1377918 - therefore 1979. Black body with Maple neck. Black pg. 2 Band EQ. Screw-on metal battery cover. 3 bolt neck with micro-tilt adjustment. String-through br
349.   11/28/09   update;re 1977 inca silver boo 4518. . . . this bass has been a workhorse in belfast and abroad for over 12 years. . wasn t too keen on the kitch silver so now its lovely black!!. was great to see the 1977 stamp on back of the neck when i re-spaye
350.   11/28/09   For the database: Serial L00090 Sting Ray 1996 (Left) trans-red with black pickguard rosewood fretboard
351.   11/27/09   Hello I am Erik from Belgium. Database update: I have a Stingray 20th Ann. with serial number A-01389 and a Stingray5 with serial number 52344 which is black with black PG and fretless; I both bought them new.
352.   11/23/09   Serial E21661 Feb 2 2001. Vintage sunburst blk pg rosewood Fb 3band Eq
353.   11/23/09   Just aquired B022857 Alder body in trans red or orange(?) Dec 11 1985 neck Apr4 1986 rosewood FB
354.   11/21/09   A MUSICMAN STINGRAY 1976 RADIO KNOB SUNBURST WHERE I CAN FIND? I AM VERY INTERESTED. Please eMail me: gerlandocallea@email. it
356.   11/16/09   database update: after damage from flooding trans red Sterling 38086 now has a replacement EBMM installed maple neck tuners pickguard and mute pads.
357.   11/16/09   I am the original and owner of a black/black Sterling rosewood flea bridge SN 42280 body2-2-94neck8-23-94Rock solid
358.   11/14/09   I need a neck for a musicman sabre bass where i can find. Best regards
359.   11/13/09   a looking for traceout or template for mm sabre bass BODY
360.   11/13/09   I￿m looking for a Cutlass II in good original condition. Would pay fair price and shipping to Germany! Please eMail me: andikilb@aol. com
361.   11/12/09   for your database: ￿77 black stingray B003723 ￿79 natural sabre C004279 ￿83 white stingray B022322 ￿96 anniversary A02055 ￿02(?)green sparkle m/h stingray E 31259 ￿06 anniversary E55590
362.   11/10/09   For the database: I am the only owner of Serial E00005 Black Stingray V amazing instrument. . .
363.   11/05/09   I own Sabre Bass - ?COO4833 and have for over 20 years. It is white maple neck and fret board black pick guard. I have that instrument and a Fender Jazz Bass with active pickups.
364.   11/03/09   EBMM SR5 Trans Gold Maple fretboard E69424 in Puerto Rico
365.   11/02/09   Musicman stingray B003444 Natural Black pickguard string through body. I have owned for about 13 years
366.   10/31/09   For the database B014981 Sunburst Fretless 1979 Bought secondhand in Brighton UK for my 21 Birthday in 1985 owned eversince!
367.   10/29/09   I have a Ernie Ball bass serial number 31157. . . interested in selling it. contact Lewlabell1@comcast. net
368.   10/26/09   a Musicman stingray 1976-77 sunburst where I can find? gerlandocallea@email. it
369.   10/17/09   love my sterling - looking for more to love
370.   10/17/09   For the database Serial B006080 Vintage Sunburst Black Pickguard July 29 1977. I am the original owner.
371.   10/16/09   Hello it(he she) can say to me to which year corresponds(fits) Not B023691. Thank you very much
372.   10/14/09   For the database: Serial B022195 Trans-red Stingray 1983? Clear pickguard Maple fretboard 9lbs 8 oz
373.   10/13/09   Hello everyone.
374.   10/12/09   Peterborough Ontario Canada. Walnut w/maple neck/fingerboard black pg 79 StingRay (B014587) owned since early 80s paid $300. Cherry Burst (I think) w/rosewood fingerboard tortoise shell pg StingRay 5 (56961).
375.   10/03/09   What size frets are on 77 Stingray nr B005799? Can anyone tell me or where to find info
377.   10/01/09   I am looking for a set of anchor bolts does anyone know where to get them??
378.   09/29/09   Got a Stingray ( Ser No B002838 ) Do you have any info on this? Thanks
379.   09/23/09   I just purchased my second radio style knobs Stingray and it came in a white case. It is the same case that your natural radio style knobs Stingray has in the bass gallery. Now Im thinking that it is the original case. Can you verify this?
380.   09/23/09   does anyone know the year for a stingray with serial B003597? 77? 76?
381.   09/22/09   I have owned a 95 Music Man Sterling for roughly three years now and cannot get used to its impeccable beauty and pleasurable ability to play. Coming to your website makes me drool over Music Man basses even more! Thank you for such an incredible site!
382.   09/17/09   For the database stingray 5 51034 trans red/maple
383.   09/16/09   Sterling F04528 Pearl Blue. Maple black pg currently in Poland
384.   09/15/09   Hi Sou do Brazil. Gostaria de saber o ano de fabrica￿de um instrumento atrav￿do serial number please help.
385.   09/14/09   For your Database: E42177 2007 LE SR5 Blue Dawn Maple Neck
386.   09/13/09   i bought an original sting ray / sabre neck i had it since 1978 . serial numbers is B009630
387.   09/13/09   looking for bridge mute assy for stingray b004466
388.   09/10/09   Excellent! Wicked!!!! Your website is just great! The photographs are beautiful!!!
389.   09/10/09   looking for a blue-pearl scratchplate for my stingray4 E46580 can anybody help me out with a possible link?
390.   09/09/09   Hi I just bought a red Musicman SUB Bass 4 string passive with serial number X08798 but after I checked it at this site I could find that serial number could anybody tells me about my bass because I worry that I was cheated and the bass is fake
391.   09/05/09   Hi for database: Im the owner of a StingrayV natural with rosewood fretboard and black pickguard serial E38490 purchased in Milan Italy. Thanks!
392.   09/05/09   I am the owner of a Pre-EB Stingray Serial no. B012681 Sunburst with Maple neck. Im in Los Angeles . I bought it new in Reno Nevada in 1981
393.   08/30/09   I￿m original owner of Stingray ￿B023012￿. Played it until 1985. Has been under bed since. Looks just like first Stingray shown on your webpage￿ sunburst black guard natural neck mute pads. Is in pristine cond. Can we talk more? Thanks.
394.   08/29/09   F03678 Purchased 2001 in Atlanta: Purple stain w/ white pear pickguard. Original owner now for sale.
395.   08/26/09   Hi there. I￿m the owner of seriel no. B001027. Write me if you want pics history etc. etc. The Bass is in Denmark. PS. It￿s really a GREAT instrument.
396.   08/25/09   for database: SUB5 s/n: X06648 black fretted active black pearl pg the word bass appears on headstock. jdblaiz@gmail. com
397.   08/25/09   Pre-EB 1979 SR starburst serial B013601 blk PUP circld R Rosewood fretless neck but frets are inlaid in so you can see them but you cant feel them. . . 3 bolt neck plate serial and patent s on bridge Music man on Bridgetail lilyboyinc@gmail. com
398.   08/24/09   For database: Pre-EB Stingray serial B004683 purchased via ebay from Chicago USA now in Victoria Australia. Maple neck. . . date on heel faint but believed to be June 8 1977. 2 piece ash body resprayed black believed to be originally Walnut St
399.   08/24/09   have a pre-eb stingray sn. b021823 no info on it think it might be circa 83. any info welcome. thanks
400.   08/23/09   SR5 50499 bought new in York UK February 1989. Sunburst with black pickguard. Contact: tim@bruceonline. co. uk
401.   08/23/09   For database: serial no. F12261 Bongo HH black w/black pickguard 8lbs 12oz
402.   08/18/09   For database: Stingray 5 serial no. E41487 July 2004 sapphire black with mathing headstock and moonstone pickup now in Slovakia
403.   08/14/09   Cutlass I Black with Graphite neck serB022391. no mention of Earnie Ball on bass. I believe it is a 1985? Worth anything? contact: chris@atwbanners. com
404.   08/10/09   Hi for your database: pre-EB Music Man serial B002540. I bought it used in 1994 was told that the yellow color is rare. The finish has a lot of cracks but it looks cool and the bass sounds amazing.
405.   08/09/09   B008836 1978 black with black pick guard non epoxy preamp
406.   08/09/09   Hi Have MM stingray 4: serial No B002415 I would guess that it dates from Feb 77? originally sunburst? with black PUP now white. porkypig7@aol. com
407.   08/05/09   black 2006 limited edition gold hardware hs configuration serial no E53571 now in U. K.
408.   08/04/09   Most Comprehensive !! Add my StingRay SN 33906 Maple Neck Teal String Mutes. THANKS foall the info!!!
409.   08/04/09   b002977 1976 one owner black w/ white pg metal knobs orange(?) case liner
410.   08/01/09   Serial Number E22670 Stingray Feb 17 2001 with Maple Neck Midnight Blue
411.   07/31/09   for Serial Database: Ernie Ball MusicMan Stingray bass; black Rosewood. Se 48922. 4 strings bought in april 30 1996. Bras￿a - DF BRAZIL !!!
412.   07/30/09   Hi for your database: I just bought a MM StingRay 4 Natural finish Maple fretboard and neck all original Serial N￿ E 64772 Completed on February 14th 2008 and it￿s currently in Buenos Aires Argentina
413.   07/27/09   Does anyone know if the early Sabre & Stingray used the same neck physically? If they are the same is it possible to get a Sabre headstock decal? (real or repro) I have an excellent Sabre with a Stingray neck. I want to make it right. -Thanks.
414.   07/23/09   Hello Im from Italy and this is for your Serial Database: Stingray 4 Natural with birdeyes maple fretboard and neck. Serial 41538 completed on 5/25/95 as confirmed today by the EB customer service. Bye!
415.   07/20/09   For Serial Database - F11134 - Sterling4 HH 07 LE Blue Dawn w/ Maple Neck and Matching Headstock built on July 16 2007
416.   07/19/09   I am now the owner of Sabre C006183. It is natural finish maple board. Original pickups and mutes are in place. Pickup covers have suffered some damage. It came to me with a mirrored pickguard which will soon be replaced.
417.   07/15/09   Thanks for your help please include my bass on your list heres my message: Not many from the 80s but heres one serial 27600 all black 3 band EQ with a mean treble! Dated 5/2/88. Picked up in 95 for ￿300! Ta for your help.
418.   07/13/09   I have a Pre-EB Stingray that is not listed in the serial section B002694. I dont know what year or what the value of it would be. Ask for pictures.
419.   07/08/09   Stingray5; E61835. Completed on 09/19/07. One-piece body. Cherryburst color. Status neck added.
420.   07/08/09   Bongo; F08942 - Black Sparkle finish Bongo HH completed on 1/28/04. One out of two worldwide. No problem sending pics if you like just send me an email.
421.   07/08/09   For your awesome database: Stingray; E54080 - StingRay 4 built on 8/09/06. Limited Edition Black/Gold
422.   07/05/09   I am owner of B001060. Same features as opposite No. Location Denmark. Would like to know origins before. Cheers Michael C
423.   07/05/09   SR5 Bass. Purchased April 1997 UK s/n 59013. Natural Body Rosewood FB
424.   07/01/09   Can anyone tell me the body wood used on pre -ernie ball music man stingray 79 natural/maple. Also what finish was used nitro etc. Thank you F.
425.   07/01/09   Greetings from Sydney Australia. I have a Stingray Bass B004932 - Black body beautiful birdseye maple neck and black pick ups - no date but suspect it is a 1977 model - have owned it since 1980 and it is much treasured.
426.   06/30/09   Ive come accross a S. U. B. 4 string. I purchased it from the original owner. From the research from this site it appears to be the 2003 version. Serial X00291. Its dark red with rosewood. Black Satin on back of neck. Passive electronics
427.   06/29/09   msusicman bass is the best Iam last buy one product in June 2009 model stringray thanks Iam very happy
428.   06/27/09   Hi! Im from Russia! and I have Stingray 78. its s/n B007627 for your database. But I dont know the correct name of its color. its like dark cherry or chocolate color I think. please connect me and Ill send you the photos to identify its color.
429.   06/23/09   Recently found and bought a Sting Ray 4 string bass. Serial no: B008133 From your records it is circa 1978.
430.   06/22/09   SR4 E32238 12Jul2002 blue pearl white PG maple FB
431.   06/22/09   Update on Sterling F00025. Mfg date is 27Feb98
432.   06/19/09   I would like to know if I could order a new neck without having the schlack removed for my 4 string stingray 97 all maple.
433.   06/17/09   Thanks to the education I got from your site I am now the proud owner of a near mint Oly White Jan 1977 Stingray B003XXX. . Regards Greg (South Jersey)
434.   06/16/09   He is my serial number for your database. E03566 1998 Stingray 4 Black w/ Solid Black Pickgurad and Maple Fretboard.
435.   06/15/09   I bouth a 2nd Hand SR4 HS perfect condition in Houston TX - Natural maple - white pick-guard - E44760
436.   06/15/09   Im possibly looking to sell my 1976 Sting Ray and was wondering how much could I get for it today. Its a Radio Knob Sunburst in VG condition. Thanks.
437.   06/12/09   Guess Ill have to start hangin out here. I have a 1979 Sabre on its way to me
438.   06/11/09   Just bought a 1979 Black Fretless Stingray. Came to Norway from Paris. Serial nr. B014979.
439.   06/10/09   Just bought brand new Bong 4 Black/Black pearloid pickguard F09972 for data base
440.   06/10/09   without any doubt is the best site for musicman basses in the internet !
441.   06/10/09   Another serial number for you. E42303 - 2007. Limited Edition Blue Dawn with Maple neck. HS pickup configuration. Just got it and its a beaut!
442.   06/08/09   for the database: SR 4 Sep 2008 S/N E62673 Transparent Gold maple neck 3EQ.
443.   06/03/09   just to say thanks for your site
444.   06/01/09   Hi. Who knows what a period of prodicing MusicMan EX japnese guitars? Thank you.
445.   05/31/09   For the database: Sterling 4 F00025 Feb 1998 velvet natural rosewood black PG 3EQ
446.   05/23/09   I just bought a ebmm sr4 1996 birds-eye maple neck rw fb ash body natural. . . S/N B04197. . . i also hav a mm sub frm 02/03?? S/N X02734
447.   05/23/09   Io ho uno StigRay 4 Premium colore Natural 3EQ n￿ di serie E35020 lann0 di costruzione preciso ￿l 2003 e che cosa indica la serie PREMIUM ????
448.   05/22/09   want to buy a musicman sabre bass
449.   05/18/09   i have bongo 5 string red with black headstock gold letters serial f11025
450.   05/15/09   i am the owner of a pre eb stingray natural {maple board}1977 boo3593 i live in ireland have the bass about 17 years
451.   05/14/09   I have a Musicman SUB Bass Will The Stingray Hard case fit my SUB Bass? rstewart1@rgv. rr. com
452.   05/12/09   I have acquired my first SR4 and it is now in Austria. S/N E17216. Bass had been completed in September 15 2000 It is white 2 band EQ with rosewood fingerboard and tortoise pickguard. It would be nice if you include it onto your list. Drazen
453.   05/11/09   My Stingray is S/N is E64818 and it is: White body with matching white headstock and black pickguard 2EQ
454.   05/10/09   S/N: E54715. You already have it in the book but it is Black with Maple fretboard. Sept. 19 2006. Thanks Matt
455.   05/09/09   I have a 77 Stingray B008429 natural maple puchased new and abrand new SR5 E60839 tobacco/rosewood. Love em both.
456.   05/07/09   E00062. I think its 1998. Stingray 5 H. Honeyburst finish white pickguard and pickup rosewood fretboard. Black knobs.
457.   05/07/09   I am the owner of a SR4 since new it lives in Ireland: S/N E24835 made August 2001? Trans Red 2 band EQ with maple neck and black pickguard. Id be delighted if you include it onto your list. Dave
458.   05/06/09   E27750 black body black pickguard maple fretboard. I believe its a 2001/2002 Model (judging by your list it was late december/early january). Itd be awesome to be on your list. Thanks -Joe
459.   05/05/09   Excellent pictures especially Randy Jacksons polka dot. Does anyone remember Rick James 2 Musicman basses one all black with ruby inlays and one all off-white with ruby inlays. Very cool indeed. He also used a sunburst and a smoke gray.
460.   04/30/09   Hallow gentlemen. . I live in Russia. . I have SR4. . serial number is B238756. . there is no any stamp made in u. s. a. . please please help me tell me when ?nd where was this guitar made? thank you . . answer please in icq: 3
461.   04/29/09   I own a SUB bass (X08118) black aluminum diamond plate pickguard have some tour ware on it but plays a killer tone. I want to know how much a bass exactly like mine would have cost brand new.
462.   04/28/09   I own a 2000 SR4 since new; s/n E12417 natural rosewood fingerboard and white pearloid pickguard. I would be glad to have it on your list. Marco
463.   04/27/09   I am original owner of a MM Sterling Bass Serial D 06751. I believe it a 1997 or 98 not to sure. Its Black with Rosewood fingerboard and Birdseye maple neck. . Great bass great sound. Would like you serial number inventory. Thanks Southern
464.   04/22/09   Hello I am happy to say that i am the original owner of my music man sabre bass that i purchased in the seventies serial number is C 003233 it still sounds as great as it did when i purchased it.
465.   04/21/09   Bought a used Stringray 4-String 3-Band EQ black black pickguard rosewood neck serial number 36752 built January 14th 1993
466.   04/03/09   I have a 1977 MM Sting Ray 4string bass that I bought new. Serial Number is B005551. It has a maple 3 bolt neck and black PG. Body is Sunburst. Thought you might like to add the number to your list. Thanks Glen Vilchek
467.   04/02/09   I have a Pre-EB Stingray that is not listed in the serial section wondering if anybody can tell me anything about it? (B002955)
468.   04/01/09   Just piced up a -76 MM Serial can be provided if you contact me would be honored to put it up in the gallery stripped body but otherwise its supposed to be all original Robin SE
469.   03/31/09   Im looking for a Musicman Strerling in New Jersey New York area
470.   03/31/09   Should really add my StingRay 5 to your database serial number is 57371 ash body highly figured maple neck black s/p serial no. on bridge
471.   03/31/09   Hi Ive just bought a 77 Ray and guess what I found it on your database. Its B004200 which I think came originally from Florida but nows lives with me in Scotland. It gets gigged every weekend and is my go to bass !!
472.   03/30/09   For the database: Music Man StingRay 5 black w/black pickguard. Birdseye maple neck. Serial on bridge 51972. Six bolt neck.
473.   03/27/09   ol￿ . . sou do Brasil. . . estou a procura do manual do Music Man Sting Ray 5 cordas. . . . que comprei usado do ano de 98!!!
474.   03/26/09   I just stumbled on your great website - what a mine of information for MM fans! I have a 1979 Sabre Bass which I bought new in Bournemouth UK in 1979 - the first in town and still regularly gigged. Natural with maple neck black puard Serial C001144
475.   03/26/09   Hi guys!. . . im Reggie from Philippines. . . I always dreamed to have a 4string musicman stingray since i started playing bass guitar. . . in my country this guitar is can cost you a big fortune. . . since i cannot afford to buy them i settl
476.   03/23/09   I am looking at a pre-EB-MM Stingray. B014910. What year was it made? I could not find the serial on the web site. It is fretless sunburst with strings through the body. I would apreiciate any info on it. Thanks Matt Porter
477.   03/20/09   What a great website for us MusicMan Fanatics. I was really surprised to find my 1986 Stingray mentioned in the Serial s section (B023509). I bought it new in 1986 and it is still in excellent condition as is played quite often.
478.   03/18/09   I appreciate if somebody could recomend me a store to buy a music man bass in London. . . . I￿m going to London and would like to get one!!Cheers
479.   03/16/09   Thanks for all the helpful info! Ive been a MusicMan Stingray fan since I had to dub some spots layed down with My Modulus. . . and bought the next one I saw (B0158XX) cause you just set the Mixer EQ flat and go for it. . . everytime!
480.   03/13/09   I have a Music man Stingray 5 the color is Lava Pearl made Febuary 26 weds of 2003 and picked it up used from Guitar Center in Fayetteville Ga store for 1050. 00 us dollars
481.   03/10/09   Hello - I just picked up a pre - EB MM Stingray that was refin in Blue. It is S/N B014368. Maple neck 3 bolt neck plate. Any idea what the original finish was?
482.   03/02/09   Hi Got a stingray 4 unlined fretless (rosewood or at least a red/dark fingerboard) 1992 (printed on the heel on the neck) serial 34432 (says bridge) 6 screw bolt on neck volume/treble/bass version of preamp.
483.   02/27/09   Im the original owner of E21931 SR5. It has a reddish-orange sunburst finish with a white pickguard. It is in great shape.
484.   02/26/09   I have a left-handed Sabre serial C004463 bought in Dublin in the early 90s. Can anyone tell me anything about its age and history? joe@omasmedia. co. uk
485.   02/20/09   Hello My pre-EB StingRay is Sunburst with maple neck black pick guard and black pick up. Serial number: B014330 Neck date: APR 05 1979
486.   02/20/09   I have an old Sting Ray I beleive to be a 1979. Serial number B015014. Maple neck and fretboard. Tobacco sunburst finish. What history can you tell me about this bass and the date of manufactory ?
487.   02/19/09   I have 1979 MMan Sabre Sunburst Black PG Maple neck C001066. Neck:June 5 1979; Body:(month unreadable) 5 1979. First owner was in house band at Palomino Club N Hollywood CA. Ive owned since mid 80s. Love this bass!
488.   02/18/09   Hi 80s Cutlass II all black serial C004939 - on eBay now
489.   02/18/09   For your database: s/n 36222 Honeyburst Rosewood FB White Pickguard 2EQ 3 knobs 6 Bolt neck Music Man stamped on Bridge tail. 1992
490.   02/18/09   2004 (i think) Sting Ray Serial E49419 black/black rosewood single humbucker
491.   02/15/09   i own a stingray bass with serial no B003330 natureblonde black picguard white maple neckplate white maple and i wish to know the year of building and what is it worth
492.   02/13/09   Hello I have a pre-eb sting ray b007826 I sent the body out for a re-finish and the dude is now dissapeared along with my body I have been searching now for about a year and cannot locate him Any suggestion where I can find a replacment body?
493.   02/07/09   Hi Ive got a 1979 Sabre Bass Natural Maple Neck Serial C003917 any idea of assessing the value? THX
494.   02/04/09   I have an old Sting Ray I beleive to be a 1979. Serial number B010576. Maple neck and fretboard. Tobacco sunburst finish. What history can you tell me about this bass?
495.   02/03/09   nice site good job!! can someone of you solve me a problem??i have a mm SUB 5 string active but its volume is lower that my other non-active basses i try change battery but nothing. . . whats the problem??please help me i love that bass
496.   01/31/09   Please add Sterling bass black sparkle finish S/N F05870 rosewood neck
497.   01/30/09   i am trying to date my musicman it has a black finished boby(shiney) maple neck black pickup and black pickguard strung through body musicman on bridge tail serial numberb012710 stingray i have original sales reciept bought in 1979 for ￿400. 00 cash!
498.   01/29/09   Hi Just found this site to check out 4 string 3 eq ive just purchased Its black with birds eye maple 1995 give it a refret and its great! Got it to go with my 5s teal 2000 model. Paul Dartford England
499.   01/27/09   For the SR5 serial list. E37832. Blue pearl with maple. Matching headstock. White pearloid pg & white Pup. Not sure of year but according to the list it must be a 2003 model. Cheers. kenredding02@aol. com
500.   01/24/09   Hi Gav CaptMoto here. . . one more to add to your serial no / DOB is my Bongo 5HHp serial F08438 DOB Nov 6th 2003 Saphire Black with Moonstone p/guard cheers matey!
501.   01/22/09   MM stingray sunburst white plex Knurled knobs TM on headstock logo. Is it 1976 or something else??
502.   01/21/09   01/29/2003 Stingray 4 Honney burst black pickguard 3EQ rosewood s/n: E21006
503.   01/21/09   I have a Musicman sterling June 1993 serial 38084 honeyburst rosewood board right handed see ebay listing 320333428575 for pictures. Just so you can update your database
504.   01/17/09   I have 5 MM basses - B004454 B004654 B008340 B022703 C005815. I would be glad to add the details of each bass to your data base. stan@smkarch. com. Wild website.
505.   01/16/09   love the site!!
506.   01/13/09   Add to the Sr5 serial list E09091 Honeyburst Ash body Maple neck
507.   01/13/09   L/H transteal stingray5 all i need now is aqua marina!
508.   01/11/09   E10764
509.   01/11/09   for the list. . . 1978 Stingray B006997 is on eBay as of 1/11/09
510.   01/11/09   Sterling SUB Bass X15618 Black diamond plate
511.   01/10/09   Great website! I have owned B025369 for about 2 years now and I love rattling peoples bones with its amazing bottom end. Played through a GK 2001RB in to a Basson B210B cab.
512.   01/10/09   For the record: B006794 wine red and in great condition!!!!
513.   01/09/09   Fully converted musicman is my new religion. You can have your worship bands This is what you should be worshipping
514.   01/08/09   For the list E34003 Trans Gold black pg single $ 3-band eq
515.   01/08/09   I have 2005 Ltd Ed Buttercream S/N: E46873 also Teal SUB 4 passive S/N: X03961. cheers John
516.   01/03/09   Hey Gav. . Long time no see. . Good to see you still have the page going. . Regards; Cutlass I. .
517.   01/02/09   Thankyou so much for the info on this site. Replacing the pickup in a Stingray and you have saved me ages.
518.   12/29/08   For the list. F10864 Graphite Pearl
519.   12/28/08   I have two stingray 4s one is a natural finish with the S E27923 and the oyher is black with the serial E38926
520.   12/27/08   MM Sterling 38007 Honeyburst black pg rosewood
521.   12/23/08   For the database: 1996 Stingray 2bd EQ Maple board Black with Black Pickguard
522.   12/21/08   I own a black musicman s. u. b with faux diamond plate pickgaurd X07554. I purchased it sometime in the winter months of 04 05 in Sacramento California
523.   12/20/08   I have a vintage Stingray neck but no body. If you have or know of a body for sale please contact me at worldresearch@yahoo. com. Thanks
524.   12/16/08   I keep coming back to this website as it is the Wikipedia of the Music Man world It is a real testament to your hard work and one I always enjoy reading and admiring the pictures. Well done indeed! F. Camardo 16th Dec 2008
525.   12/16/08   MusicMan is the real bass PERFECT. . . . . . (i like it)
526.   12/12/08   Great website. For the database. S/N: 45421 SR4 fretless completed 26th of April 1995. Black Body Black Pickguard Pau Ferro Blank Plank with killer birdseye neck. Originally shipped to Manny Music New York. Now living in Sydney Australia.
527.   12/11/08   MM SUB 4 - black passive - June 2003 - serial 1640
528.   12/09/08   If you own a pre-Ernie Ball Stingray bass with a rosewood fingerboard and would like to sell it please email me at mm7@hotmail. co. uk. Thanks!
529.   12/08/08   07 Sterling 4 H F15372 honeyburst with MHS tort pg rosewood board build date March 12 2007
530.   12/08/08   tenho dois music man sendo um sting ray e um sub de 4 cordas quero saber o ano de fabricacao deles o music man styng ray 5 verde o numero de serie E01276 e o music man sub e verde o numero de serie X02318 gilberto_bass@hotmail. com
531.   12/07/08   I have a 1979 Saber C001762 Black/w maple neck. For sale to at serious collector.
532.   12/02/08   I am the original owner of a 1977 Pre-EB Sting Ray B004034 sunburst purchased in Denmark. For sale to at serious collector. Give a tender in Euro.
533.   11/30/08   i play a sub 5 in a worship band @ the church i attend s/n x01586 graphite w/ diamond plate p/g (says s. u. b. 5 on the headstock)
534.   11/27/08   For database: E10805 StingRay5 silver finish(egyptian smoke? Inca Silver?) black pickguard rosewood fretboard maple neck matching headstock
535.   11/23/08   can anybody tell me if I can still get the 1/4 jack that disconnects the battery when you unplug the bass ? you can email me at chisum1@consolidated. net
536.   11/21/08   Sting Ray B0121 transparent brown white guard black p. u. radio knobs circa early 1979 pot date codes 1978.
537.   11/17/08   For the database: B007690 Black Stingray black guard maple neck and board. I bought it new in 78 for $100 and a Fender Jazz Bass.
538.   11/16/08   For the database: I have a 1979 fretless StingRay tobacco sunburst; B015019. I have not played it since 1983.
539.   11/16/08   Additional database info for B002650: Its a plastic-knob brown sunburst 3 knob maple neck the usual off-the-shelf model.
540.   11/16/08   For the database: Im the original owner of a 1976 Sting Ray Bass s/n B002650 in perfect condition purchased at Modern Music in Fort Lauderdale. This was the first MM Sting Ray to hit South Florida. Put a down payment on it before it even hit the stor
541.   11/16/08   S/N 42179 all black SR4 (3EQ) 2nd hand believed 2004 made
542.   11/14/08   For the database: My Sterling S/N 44204 honeyburst body black pickguard rosewood board year 1994
543.   11/13/08   For the database: E66239 Lava Pearl SR4H with White Ice pickguard maple fretboard: delivered March 2008
544.   11/10/08   My neck stingray had broken is there anyone want to sell the neck stingray (with wheel nut) please email me adjieriski@yahoo. com
545.   11/06/08   For the databass: black Sterling D 08785 bought from the London Bass Centre 1998.
546.   11/05/08   Hallo I have stingray94 and i want to replace the bridge is there anyone sell the bridge and anyone want to sell the neck stingray please sent me email
547.   11/02/08   For the database: StingRay SR4 H S/N E41173 d. o. b. 9th June 2004 black body with white pickguard (now changed to black) maple neck Purchased 9th August 2008 -I am first owner. (The bass sat in the back of the shop for 4 years before I bought i
548.   10/30/08   For the database: E66332 Summer 2008 SR4 2 band EQ Natural rosewood fingerboard perloid pickguard
549.   10/26/08   for the DB StingRay5 E30077 late 2002 sparkling blue wine sunburst matchin headstock black p/guard r/wood neck
550.   10/24/08   For the database. StingRay 26079 Trans Red. Maple/Rosewood. 2 band EQ. Black 3ply pg. Guess 1988
551.   10/19/08   for the database:E59393 stingray bluepearl. EQ 3 band. rosewood neck & white perloid pickguard/1st may 2007
552.   10/19/08   Hi there every body in MMland! Can anybody out there help me to find a replacement toggle switch ( 3 position P:U switch) for a year-of-issue Sabre bass? I am not concerned that it be original only that it be of the right make and appearance
553.   10/19/08   for the database: serial 29361on bridge trans blue burst 2EQ SR4 rosewood board 4screw neckplate love it :-)
554.   10/18/08   Just wondering what year is B022340 manufactured. Thanks!
555.   10/18/08   For the database: 1977 Stingray B005940 Neck: 20 Oct 77 Body: 8 Aug 77. Orig. walnut now refinished black black pg.
556.   10/17/08   For database. 1980 Stingray Lefthanded S/N B016426 Tobacco Sunburst with Black pickguard. 2-band EQ. 3 bolt plate. A dream
557.   10/14/08   For the database: 50097 SR5 Trans Red Black Pickguard Maple Neck 3-band EQ
558.   10/09/08   For the database: E20788 -2001 4string 3 band eq Stingray. Natural finish birdeye maple neck black pickguard loads of mojo
559.   10/05/08   For the database. 1980 Stingray Fretless. Natural with black guard and Ebony fretboard. Body March 1980 Neck April 1980. Strings thru body. Previous owner over 25 years. Awesome bass!
560.   10/02/08   hi my name is andrew from italy
561.   10/01/08   For the database. Just got my dream Ray a 20th Aniversary Stingray S/N A 02087. Fabulous bass thanks John W (UK)
562.   10/01/08   Please add my 3EQ Stingray 4 to your data base; S/no on neck plate E46764 Natural finish black pick guard maple fretboard.
563.   09/30/08   for the DB i have 1999 E09785 black sparkle rosewood 3band eq
564.   09/27/08   Recently I bought *Stingray* 4bass Sl E53038 I really love the sound . sekender. ahmmed@asa. org. bd
565.   09/27/08   I am Sekender Ahmmed playing bass for band named MAQSOODO dHAKA . few month ago I bought music man string ray 3band eq 4bass cherry black with matching head Its sweet @ large body sound I just love it - If U have any advice for care / Maintenance pl
566.   09/23/08   please add my MM to database: Looking at database looks like mine is a 01. s/n E22822 Silver w/ white pearl p/g; w/ maple neck w/ piezo pickup. Wonderful bass!
567.   09/18/08   Sterling Black cherry burst maple pearloid s/n: F14989 09/25/ 2007
568.   09/15/08   For the database Stingray 5 S/N 59031. Production date 3/07/97 Natural finish Maple board Black Pick Guard.
569.   09/07/08   I own a 1979 sabre built on june 5th was black body black pick guard maple neck. serial c001401 . can anyone tell me a little info on the value . truely awesome bass had it since 84 and it has a ton of miles on it.
570.   08/27/08   For the database Stingray S/N B004431 tobacco sunburst 3 bolt plate black PG maple neck circle around R at end of logo. The bass has been my main axe for over 20 years. . Thanks
571.   08/25/08   need manuel for a 1980 stingray.
572.   08/24/08   a fabulous site full of informations. Many thanks for thisgreat job. My son has just bought his first stingray and weve already found a ton of details! many thanks
573.   08/24/08   For the dataBASS - Stingray 30th anniversary S/N E35092 06 apr 2006. Ukraine. Mike Kopievsky. mowohka@mail. ru
574.   08/21/08   want to buy pre e/b 76-80 bass please help
575.   08/19/08   Hey Gav! Great site! Its been a while since I visited -- lookin fab! Thanks a million! Cheers Beth
576.   08/17/08   the wiring came of the board when I removed the plate on my Stingray 5. Got a picture or drawing of where I should re-solder the wired. I guessed the right location but its wrong the bass sounds different. Regards Steve
577.   08/11/08   I am in love with my stingray however the guy I bought it from replaced the bridge with a string though body bridge thus I dont know the serial number anyway to date my bass with out it seems to be ~1990-1 any help appreciated!! jordan_rocks6@yahoo.
578.   08/11/08   FOR SALE: 1979 or 1980 Sabre Bass serial C003001 all natural finish black pick guard and three bolt plate. I bought this new in Texas. Still factory original. Will entertain offers! Email SpitAndWhittle@msn. com for pics and bids.
579.   08/07/08   i got my first Musicman. Is a really amazing stingray. big and power sound. awsome thx EB
580.   08/05/08   I am looking for a Sabre (natural or sunburst) can anyone help? Kind regards. hbeuth@pt. lu
581.   08/04/08   for serial number database: pre EB Stingray B006834 bought 1978 Servaas muziek the Hague now in Amsterdam Netherlands (one owner) maple rock maple three bolt neck black pg took lacquer off neck lots of wear & tear great tone: great bass!
582.   07/27/08   To the guy who is looking for Sabre Bass ( message 22 05/29/08 ) I have a 1979er in perfect condition natural with original case ser. No; C003840. I am looking for 3300$ inc shipping. Contact me at jfjofito@gmail. com I am in France
583.   07/23/08   For serial number data base: E41533 04 Black - Rosewood - Black pg
584.   07/21/08   For the dataBASS - SR4 S/N 47038 30 nov 1995 black body 3-ply black PG bird eye maple neck rosewood fingerboard trans bridge 6 bolt-on. Ukraine. Mike Kopievsky. mowohka@mail. ru
585.   07/20/08   i need wiring diagram for a 1979 sabra
586.   07/18/08   I just picked up a Sabre bass and I am freaking as the owner obviously did not know what he had. C001387. lots of wear a bit nicked up and a bit of discolorationon the neck but a black (and maple) beauty. need to know how original it is.
587.   07/17/08   For the database - Pre-EB Stingray - Serial No B011065 on bridge with offset holes thru body - Maple neck stamped AUG 30 1979 Sunburst body stamped APR 10 1979 with white scratchplate - 3 bolt adjustable neck plate (no number)
588.   07/16/08   I am the original owner of Sabre C002207 (Arent I special)
589.   07/14/08   original owner of stingray 45375 would like to contact present owner
590.   07/10/08   great site! thanks for the info i found my serial number in here. . . helped a lot with buying a used MM!
591.   07/08/08   Ive had my preEB stingray for about 15 years. . Im guessing it was built in 78. . . natural finish with black pickguard S/N B011238
592.   07/06/08   Recently purchased a 1977 Pre ernie stingray. Awesome bass. But someone sometime put a badass tailpiece on it and I want to replace that with an original tailpiece. Any suggestions or if you have one please email dirtcheep@hotmail. com. Thanks.
593.   07/03/08   I am the original owner (purchased July 1978) of a Natural/Maple Neck/Black Pickguard pre-Ernie Ball Music Man Sting Ray 4-string Bass (s/n B004647).
594.   07/02/08   For the dataBASS - SR5 53596 1993 Natural finish black PG maple board trans bridge 6 bolt-on living in Australia.
595.   07/01/08   Please add my two Stingrays-S/N 26587 Orange w/maple neck (purchased in Minneapolis) and S/N 35619 Blue w/rosewood neck (purchased in San Rafael CA).
596.   07/01/08   Hi evry Bassmen I￿ve got a Musicman Stingray built march 1979. Sn. Nr. B013228 is siented not on the Neck Plate only on the brigde. Does everybody knowes however wigh?. Excuse my english okay waiting for answers J￿/td>
597.   06/29/08   Please add my StingRay 5 s/n 52774. Honeyburst white pickguard birds eye maple neck. DOB sep 1991. I own it since 1996.
598.   06/22/08   I purchased a Stingray in 1976 (snB002043). It has a maple fingerboard (part of the neck of course) and I would love to have a replacement with a rosewood fingerboard. Contact me @ gb_orman@hotmail. com if you have such a neck - 3 anchor bolts. tn
599.   06/22/08   20th anniversary stingray serial number A01170 is owned by boston bassist steve cuoco
600.   06/22/08   I have MM Stingray ser. B008132 natural maple circle R on headstock pat. pending on bridge. Bought 1978 Chicago Store Tucson Az.
601.   06/21/08   B012777 - guess about 1978? Add to database. Chocolate brown lovingly looked after in London UK.
602.   06/17/08   I have a Musicman Stingray with serialnumber B007530. Sunburst body black pick-guard clear maple neck strings though body.
603.   06/02/08   I would like buy pre-eb stingray 77~79 sunburst black pg
604.   05/29/08   I have Stingray BO17895 I want to buy a Sabre bass and Sabre guitar. Any offers?
605.   05/28/08   Holla. . . ! I just bought my first Musicman. Its bass with Stingray (EB) neck & Sabre body. Is it really ever made ? Im confuse because never see the picture in internet and just bought from my friend ( used ). Thanks !
606.   05/26/08   hi everybody i￿m actually restoring a 1979 sabre and the pickguard is missing. if anybody can help me getting one or can send me a sketch from a original pickguard so can make a new one would be great. thanx for help in advance. greetz L. K.
607.   05/26/08   No. 15 message. It should read I purchased it new on the 6 /11/78 for $776 Australian. Thanks for that. Regards Marlon Holden
608.   05/24/08   My Sting Ray has the serial no B 005166 is black with black pg maple neck and probably built in 1977.
609.   05/23/08   I have a 1978 Stingray with a tremendous fret buzz. Does anyone have any tips or advice?
610.   05/23/08   Ive played my stingray 1979 on many sessions inc Nikita Elton John. It now has a fretless fingerboard but has developed a slight buzz from the pickup. Can anyone help with a cure. DP
611.   05/23/08   looking for a fretless neck for my 79 Sabre can anyone help? Many thanks. dlhanebach@yahoo. com. au
612.   05/21/08   Hey Gav; Just wanted to let you know picked up another Sabre Bass. its a 1979 and the serialisC002983 it s Sunburst with a black PG. Havent taken down to see what the build dates are yet but when i do ill send them along. Again Thanks for a Great Sigh
613.   05/09/08   Anyone have the electronics for a 79 sabre bass?? I have the pickups and control plate but I need all pots toggles preamp and plug. Thanks digitydog@hotmail. com.
614.   04/28/08   Hi Gav! Thanks for the schematics for the Sabre theyll help alot. as far as Date codes on my Sabre the neck date is Jul 17 1979 . The pocket date cant be read as this guitar was refinished rather poorly and i intend to try to return it to original. Rus
615.   04/28/08   Looking good Gav thanks for all you do.
616.   04/27/08   Please add my 92 Stingray to your list that I bought 4/25/08: 36169 DoB 10/20/92; Blk Body; matt blk pg; 6 bolt b/eye mpl neck; r/wood fb lacquered; 3b preamp; Flea Bridge; solid headstock logo
617.   04/27/08   B005574. . 16 Dec1977 (not clear if this is body date or neck date). Natural with Maple. Black pg. 3 bolt neck. Strings through body.
618.   04/26/08   I have a Music man Stingray 5 the color is Lava Pearl made Febuary 26 weds of 2003 and picked it up used from Guitar Center in Fayetteville Ga store for 1050. 00 us dollars
619.   04/26/08   Hi! I WOULD LIKE TO BUY a right handed pre-Ernie Ball Stingray bass with a fretted ROSEWOOD FINGERBOARD and strings-through-body. Do you have one for sale or know where there is one for sale? Thanks!!!
620.   04/26/08   I have a 2004 2eq Stingray in vintage sunburst with a maple neck and a black pickguard strung with Rotosound Tru Bass strings.
621.   04/25/08   Hallo Iam Budy from Bandung west java Indonesia country my colection bass is Musicman Stingray 1979 and Musicman Sabre 1 guitar . Iam very impressed with your website lots of knowledge I could gain.
622.   04/25/08   Purchased Dec 77 in Montreal: B006072 Walnut maple neck black pickguard - it is almost fretless now. . .
623.   04/24/08   Great site. I have a 1979 Sabre II fretless that I purchased new in 1979. For the longest time it was my only bass to play. I pretty much stick to my Alembics now but I still love the ol MM
624.   04/24/08   Hi I have a wonderfull Musicman Bongo HHP5 can I send a Pictures?
625.   04/23/08   i will buy 1977-1978 area sunburst stingray bass. i am searching. can you help me thnaks. . . best regards . . . .
626.   04/22/08   Hey All in MM land! I was wondering if anyone has a wiring schematic for a 79 MM Sabre bass. i need it for some work im doing on a sabre i just acquired. The serial is C004515 any info on this bass would be cool Thanx Russ russsarch@sbcglobal. net
627.   04/18/08   Got onto your site and thought I should leave my bass info. Serial No. B007025 Sunburst alder body with black P/G. Neck built Aug 9 1978 & Body built Feb 24 1978. I purchased it new on the 6 /11/08 for $776 Australian
628.   04/18/08   Has the stingray neck radius changed over time? Are the pre-EBs 7. 25 radius? If so has the pup pole piece hieghts also changed?
629.   04/17/08   I have just got myself a very nice Stingray which although seriously we used still plays like a dream - SN B012765 Natural finish black pickguard Maple neck Circled R on logo - i never want to play another Fender again :-)
630.   04/13/08   Hi I was wondering if I could add my stingray 4 to the serial numbers list. . . I can only deduce the age from the current list but the serial number is 34507 its solid black with the muted bridge and a beautifully polished maple neck. What else r
631.   04/13/08   Just found and purchased a 1978 Black w/ maple neck StingRay. Another amazing bass for my new SR collection
632.   04/11/08   To get the year for a Sabre remove the neck normally there is a pencil date on the body one of mine is March 2007
633.   04/08/08   In the early Musicman catalog The stingray came with an optional pre-amp. So were the early stingrays passive in the beginning?
634.   04/03/08   I have a cool 1979 musicman Sabre serial c004385 wood finish was black pick and black pick guard I am happy to joint the musicman family.
635.   04/03/08   StingRay 5 - Sept 11 2003 - SN: E38167 - Black body black pup and pg - maple neck
636.   04/02/08   Just purchased my first. 2007 Stingray 4 HH white tort PG with matching headstock. This bass is incredible to play dont know why I waited 30 yrs to buy one.
637.   03/31/08   Just got 13 (of 100 made) of the 2001 NAMM SR w/Status neck and it is AMAZING!!!!!
638.   03/29/08   stingray 5 E21300
639.   03/24/08   Have a 77 Stingray Natural black pick guard maple neck: B002962
640.   03/22/08   I have an April of 2002 EBMM Stingray 4 serial E30428 color is Burnt Apple black pg 2EQ rosewood with a matching headstock
642.   03/19/08   Hi I own 2 Stingrays: a pre-EB natural w/rosewood neck black pup & pg (B019348 - dated 1979). Also an EB 1997/8 sunburst w/maple neck white pg & black pup (L00622). Both Left Handed. Mike UK.
643.   03/19/08   I own a 1978 Sting Ray in natural. Maple neck dated Oct. 16 1978. Body dated Aug. 11 1978. Serial 8048.
644.   03/18/08   (Date Correction) Stingray 4 (11/25/2007) 3 Bd EQ E62953 Natural black pickguard rosewood
645.   03/13/08   i have a stingray ex SB/M. . . w/ s/n E01674. . . is this a genuine EBMM?
646.   03/12/08   1989 EBMM Stingray 4 string sunburst white pickguard 3EQ birdseye maple neck and fretboard
647.   03/10/08   can you add my serials all gotten directly from ernie ball 55330 teal 5 str. maple blk pkgrd 9/23/94 33799 blueburst maple 9/6/91. 35919 honeybrst rosewood 6/4/92. 36422 blueburst maple 12/9/92. 46028 teal rosewood 8/17/95
648.   03/10/08   Own a 1977 Stingray in walnut with a maple neck black p. u. & p. g. strings through body. Three bolt neck with stamped serial B005180.
649.   03/10/08   Ive just discovered this site and wanted to let everyone know I had a Limited edition Namm Show bass stolen shortly after purchasing from Bass Central in Florida. Serial BO15686. Please let me or Beaver Felton know if you happen to comre across it.
650.   03/10/08   Proud owner of two StingRays. StingRay5 Fretted and StingRay4 Fretted. Both instruments had performed very well which I am more than happy with them. Hope to add a StingRay5 Fretless to complete my SingRay Treo this year! Great Product!
651.   03/08/08   Orig owner Blk/Blk Stringray Ser. B012849 bought 12. 10. 79. Excellent cond. -nds mutes; sm neck/body p. chip. Orig owners manual receipt MM strap fretted neck stamped 2. 26. 79; 2 Blackhurst MM S/R 85 necks-ebony fretless / fretted maple.
652.   03/08/08   Hey All in MM land. I just acquired a Pre Eb Stingray Its serialis B002037 (already in your list)Im looking for any help in finding some of the radio styleblack and silver control knobs. any help would be great russ/russsarch@sbcglobal. net
653.   03/06/08   Stingray 4 (11/25/2008) 3 Bd EQ E62953 Natural black pickguard rosewood neck.
654.   03/06/08   I own a brown finish 1978 Stingray ser. B008345 and a 1979 natural finish fretless Sabre ser. C002139 as well as a modern Stingray 5. They old ones sound so much better IMHO.
655.   03/04/08   Hey all! offically a member of the MM Club! I just got my 1982 MM Stringray amazing tone feel and tons of MOJO.
656.   03/03/08   2001 music man stingray white w/ white perloid pickguard rosewood neck white headstock serial number E21510
658.   02/29/08   Sterling: 47504 matte natural ash rosewood fb black pg preamp 12/11/1995 old plate trans bridge plastic battery compartment great instrument.
659.   02/25/08   Stingray 4 June 16 1991. Vintage Sunburst maple neck and 3-band EQ. Bass was originally sent to Japanese distributor Kanda Shokai. Now resides with me in Australia. (info from Dan at EB)
660.   02/25/08   Pr EB N￿ B015870 est telle de babrication US et modle original je nai pas trouv ce N￿ sur le site officiel musicman
661.   02/25/08   I am from Belguim and I have a MM Sabre from 23 sept. 1979 with serial C004393. Sunburst and completly original. . . wow. . .
662.   02/20/08   20th Ann. Stingray 5 F20846 HH Maple Matching Headstock
663.   02/19/08   I am proud owner of two Stingrays. The first is a SR 4 28087 Honeyburst 3 Bd EQ Clear Pickguard an Rosewood Fingerboard. The second is a SR 5 E 56091 Natural Piezo Rosewood. And I￿m very happy with them.
664.   02/18/08   I have a Music Man Sabre Serial Number C001313
665.   02/13/08   Please Help me if you can! I was lucky enough to buy a 77 Pre-Ernie Ball Stingray recently serial B005840. It seems that my pre-amp is on the way to crapping out. . . . . . much distortion. . . . . batteries changed contacts sprayed. . Ple
666.   02/10/08   i have a 78 ser B008324 dark brown black pic maple neck all three pots date week 15 78 in excellent original condition same for case. bought new @ musical strings and things in chatham ontario canada. love it
667.   02/10/08   Thought you might like another serial no: E11791. This is a GORGEOUS sunburst 4-string fretless with black pg rosewood neck and piezo pickup. Its my pride & joy. Dave Horton Reading England UK.
668.   02/10/08   I have just acquired a serial number which isnt in your list: E41284. This is a StingRay5 black with black pg maple neck. Regards Dave Horton Reading England UK
669.   02/09/08   i own a cutless 1 would like to know its value.
670.   02/06/08   I have new info on E17553 from ernie ball; DOB is 03 Nov. 2000 exact prod. numbers were not available butnot many were made it is also a 3EQ . thought you might like to have this info. for your records
671.   02/06/08   Hi I own the metalflake green black pearliod maple matching headstock stingray serielE17553 that is listed on your site. great instrument. I wouldnt trade it for anything great site
672.   02/05/08   Hello!!!!! Forgive for bad English. I have bass guitar 1979 musicman sabre bass serial number C005379. Whether really it is present{true} American vintage a guitar?! Tell when and where it{she} is made{produced}! Many thanks!!!!! Serg
673.   02/04/08   i have StingRay *E40695* was completed on July 04 2005 black body rosewood scale [flea model] thanks I LOVE THIS BASS
674.   02/01/08   B002216; sunburst w/black PUP and PG; maple fretboard all original.

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